Albina Vision Trust

The Albina Vision Trust (AVT) was created to steward the vision for the future of lower Albina and achieved non-profit status in 2017. AVT seeks innovative solutions with a focus on building partnerships. As a nonprofit organization, AVT is positioned to link private interests and public priorities with community values.

The core values guiding the vision for lower Albina are:

• Honor what was, what happened, and what could be

• Heal ourselves and our communities

• Reconnect to the river

• Build a place to live, work, and play

• Integrate arts in the process and product

• Be intentionally remarkable

I worked as staff for four years--seeing the transformation from an ad hoc group of community leaders, to a fledgling nonprofit, to a community leader for racial justice. My project management work culminated in the Community Investment Plan, funded by Metro and the City of Portland and developed by the Eldorado team that included: Eldorado Architects, Agency Landscape+Design, Soapbox Theory, Ideas + Action, EcoNW, and Othello Meadows.

Projects included administering a film contract with Dru Holley and web design by WeShouldDoItAll.

Key people:

Winta Yohannes, Executive Director

Rukaiyah Adams, Board Chair

Zari Santner, Board Member

Workshop graphics by Kayin Talton Davis.