Canemah Bluffs Management Plan

One of Metro’s many success stories, this 100 acre property is rich with white oaks on a bluff overlooking the Willamette.   The property was slated for housing development when Metro purchased it and designated the land for conservation. 

The natural area management gave direction on trails, signage, and viewpoints and created a positive direction out of a controversial context.  Several years before the project an oak release project had alienated neighbors and the Oregon City community.  Part of the work of the management plan was to work closely with neighbors and realize what was important to them.

Community meetings were either on site or at the nearby Still House and care was taken to listen to what was important to residents.  The resulting plan, decommissioned some trails, added new loops and developed effective signage.

Key players and references

  1. Brian Vaughn, Metro, natural resources scientist

  2. Mary Anne Cassin, former Planning Manager at Metro