Community centers

East Portland Community Center

A $5,000,000 project, included site selection, consultant selection and management, and extensive work with the public. The 32,000 square foot building includes classrooms, a lounge, gymnasium, fitness room, aerobics/dance room and locker rooms configured around an outdoor courtyard.  This project involved five intergovernmental agreements for partnerships, a land exchange, minor partition, street vacation and conditional land use permit.  The community center began classes in early April 1998, achieved cost recovery and attendance goals, and the project won Governor’s Livability award along with adjacent police station and housing projects.

Key players:

  1. Thompson Vaivoda, Kurt Schultz, Bob Thompson, John Heili

  2. Floyd Light Middle School

Southwest Portland Community Center

The Southwest Portland Community Center is a $11,000,000 project and includes similar spaces as above but with a focus on an aquatics center.  This project also involved extensive public participation, much of which took place in a controversial environment.  Communication included contact with newspapers, including the Oregonian editorial board, a public television presentation, and many meetings with residents, a citizen task force, and neighborhood associations.   This project was completed in April 1999, was designated an EarthSmart building, and was featured as a top recreation center in National Park and Recreation Association magazine.

Key players:

  1. BOORA Architects, Brian Jackson, Beverly Moss, Stan Boles

  2. Southwest Neighborhood Association

Mt. Scott Community Center

Mt. Scott Aquatics Center is an $8,000,000, 25,000 square foot project and included consultant selection, scope of work definition with extensive public participation, design, and construction management for new a aquatics center at an existing community center.  This project achieved cost recovery and attendance goals.