Leach Botanical Garden

The development of seven acres of new gardens at Leach Botanical Garden is focused on today’s interaction of people with nature.  Moving away from strictly botanical research, the design explores gardens that stimulate the imagination, educate and build on the special sense of place. 

The project management approach created by CPM focuses on high quality design, clear expectations, and a strong alignment of friends group with public sector.  The request for proposals and scope of work created a competitive environment among high quality designers around the country.  Janet leads the 20-person Advisory Committee to support an innovative public engagement process by Leach Garden Friends in four languages. 

Key players and references:

  1. Portland Parks and Recreation, Mike Abbate, Director

  2. Leach Garden Friends, David Porter and Gay Greger

  3. Design team led by Land Morphology, Richard Hartlage, Principal

  4. Link to Leach Garden Friends

The Intertwine Alliance

The Intertwine Alliance is a coalition of private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations working together to tap new sources of funding, better leverage existing investments, and more fully engage residents with the outdoors and nature.  The Intertwine Alliance uses a collective impact approach to its work.  Collective impact is the commitment of a coalition of organizations from different sectors to a common agenda for addressing a complex social or environmental challenge. 

CPM provides technical expertise to TIA and participates weekly on strategies especially related to regional funding, metrics and stakeholder participation.  Janet was a key staff at Metro during the incubation of the idea of the Alliance, and has continued to support the Alliance as it has evolved over the past years.

Key players and references:

  1. Mike Wetter, Executive Director

  2. Link to The Intertwine Alliance

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