South Waterfront Greenway

The amazing thing about this project is that we worked on it in the late 90s and it was completed, as designed, this summer in 2015!  The project brought ten private property owners to the table to agree on a master plan.  Key to the project was work on the setback, moving from 25’ to 100’ and including zoning incentives.  The project design took its inspiration from the dual path system in Vancouver BC.

My role as project manager from Portland Parks was to convene the stakeholders, manage the design consultants and bring home a project that had both high quality design and property owner support.  In addition, my work also included participation in a complex development agreement with PDC, design guidelines for open space and writing the new zoning code. 


Key players and references:

  1. Zari Santer, former Parks Director

  2. Cheryl Twete, former PDC manager

  3. Marie Johnson, former Planning project manager

  4. Design lead Mike Zilis, Walker Macy

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