Urban plazas projects

I had the privilege of working on various aspects of four new urban plazas in Portland.  My role was either Strategic Projects Manager or Project Manager and primarily I helped set the stage for the success of the projects. 

  1. The first was Jamison Square and we led with an “idea competition” to secure the best design talent.  Peter Walker provided inspired leadership on this.  Important at this early stage in the Pearl development was to make sure that the open space incented the private sector to develop the surrounding blocks.

  1. Tanner Springs began with questions about actually daylighting Tanner Springs which is submerged near the site.  The public process led by Herbert Dreiseitl was inspired as was the successful use of recycled materials.

  1. Saturday Market began as a question.  Could the market have new life and more success if the physical place was more accommodating?  The initial conversations between the craftspeople, PDC and designers from Thompson Vaivoda and Walker Macy showed that we had a rich, if not harmonious mix of ideas. 

  1. Director Park was inspired by Tom Moyer proposal to donate the top of a subterranean parking lot.  Taking lessons from Pioneer Square some of the innovations of the project included an on-site attendant to help ensure a positive environment, food immediately contiguous to give the fun of an Italian piazza and careful micro-climate analysis from the Energy Lab and OU so that wind and sun could be factored into a comfortable place surrounded by tall towers.  The design and details are beautiful by the design team led by Lauri Olin.