Planning and design competitions

Planning is dreaming with a practical bent.  For parks, trails and natural areas this can be wonderful and bring out in people their best aspirations and their sense of community.  The best plans bring people together and develop a collective vision with support from a diversity of stakeholders.

The projects listed below were completed by a large team of people.  Janet’s role was typically project manager or manager of staff on the project.

Projects List

  1. SW Corridor green infrastructure planning

  2. Regional funding research for parks, trails and natural areas

  3. Total Asset Management Plan, Portland Parks and Recreation

  4. Strategic Business Plan, Portland Parks and Recreation

  5. Mt. Tabor Reservoir design competition

  6. Midtown planning for South Park Block Five

  7. South Waterfront Greenway Development Plan

  8. Honolulu Theatre for Youth feasibility study

  9. Aloha Tower Special District Development Guidelines, HCDA

  10. Makai Area Plan and Rules, Kakaako Community Development District, HCDA

  11. Metropolitan District Commission, Pools and Rinks Master Plan, DCPO

  12. Bridgewater State Hospital Master Plan, Department of Corrections, DCPO